Oak Grove Class of 1981
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Oak Grove

Welcome to your
30th Year
High School Reunion!


Welcome to the 1981 Thirty year reunion! WOW 30 years!

Have you ever noticed how a small

commonplace experience such as

hearing a certain melody or a

phrase can bring an old memory

into consciousness in an instant?

Well, if you've been thinking about

high school recently, it's probably because the

big 3-0 is here. Pretty hard to believe, isn't it?

High school seems like a lifetime ago in some

ways, and not so long ago in others. For many

of us, high school was a time of intense experiences

and emotions. No doubt, much has

happened to all of us since graduation.

Some of us have come together to plan an

evening and afternoon of sheer fun. We hope

you can come and be reacquainted with old

friends and make new friends of old acquaintances.

Thirty years is surely long enough to

have lots of news to share where everyone has

had their share of challenges, successes, triumphs

and disappointments.

Your joining us on the evening of October 1st

will make this once in a lifetime event memorable.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

The Reunion Committee